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A counselling-coaching therapy based on movement, observation,  discussion, and reflection. 

Theta healing therapy is personal support, healing, nurturing and development of the whole person – one’s soul, mind, and body. Based on dialogue and activity in the relationship between therapist and client, theta healing aims to alleviate mental suffering, help in life crises, change disturbed behaviour and attitudes, and promote personal development and health. The success of Theta healing therapy treatment requires the active commitment of the clienth


I will tell you a story about Ani,that came up with a very big problem to me .
Problem from her husband who did not give her any  time to develop and grow in her privacy life was suppressed for the last 20 years ,and she had not realized anything she was just waiting for something to happen and she have to start to realize her life have to change .Also we went to trhe park 3 times of the week ,walking,speaking 
I helped Ani,to change her thoughts.I helped her to start to beleve and also to make a complete transformation.

Every person is different, and with each person, I try to be unpredictable. Some sessions we have a jog using through Putney Heath up to Wimbledon Windmill or Richmond Park.  Other times, we may have a brisk walk along the river from Barnes to Putney. Every once in a while we go to the gym at my apartment complex to test where we are in strength and conditioning.  Always we are talking about life, its seeming problems and always how these are really opportunities to grow.  Sometimes we talk about nutrition and eating, and plan little programs that begin to build good habits and discipline. 

From time to time, sometimes people just need to talk and to be listened to.  Many of my clients feel they are at some sort of crossroads, and don’t know which path to take.  They often lack courage or confidence or even true ambition to make a change that profoundly — over time — change their lives. Whether it is having a cup of tea in the afternoon, or a light drink in the early evening, or a coffee after dropping the kids off to school, using the techniques of Theta Healing, we help them to change their approach, relieve the stress and start to believe in their own power to transform their lives. 

Plamena is one of the best sport specialists I know, who is also busy with nutrition and life style. Combining all these elements – Sport, Nutrition and Mental health will bring a balance that most of the people in present days does not own. And because we are all lost in our “own” movies, there is a teacher as Plamena coming – to show us the way, to push us, to stretch our limits, to give us new vision, to challenge us to be a better version of our selfs! Once you talk to Plamena, everything changes! Dare to do it! It is life changing!

Aleydin Aliev

This is a wonderful, amazing woman ,which helped me understand a lot of things about myself and my future ,which can help a lot for your health and your success as a person!
I am very happy to have touched Plamena!
Plamena is beautiful , fiery  and full of love she is an angel!

Ani Aninda

I met Plamena last year and since then i have had a few tarot readings. I can not believe how accurate the information given came in my life. She is a gifted women with a very strong intuition she can even read your energy without any cards needed. I would personally recommend her when it comes to intuitive reading healing and personal development.
Love and ligh

Tanya Hadjieva

I wish that everyone have the same experience like me. Plamena touch my heart in one of her online sessions where you can ask one question online -the answer I received was very quick , straightforward  and accurate.I was amazed!!!!! Unfortunately I have more that one question .When we meet-up with  Plamena she surprise me even more. He talents in healing, angelic readings, diets advice are second to none. I am definitely recommending Plamena/Fuegoactive ️to you and to all my friends and family members

Krasimira Georgieva

She is just the right person for almost all that u can imagine . Wonderful advisor, extremely positive person, that would make u change your mood and mind about things in no time , at first just with her smile and so positive attitude.

An-g Hoga

When change in life happens, especially when its about big shifts and transitions, the stress can be overwhelming and make us feel insecure and afraid. Plamena helped me look at things from a different perspective, find the hidden gems of a situation an appreciate everything that is happening. I’m very grateful to her. Additionally, she is a great role model – smiling and shining, healthy lifestyle, dedication to sports – these can make our lives much more enjoyable and help us become stronger people – both physically and mentally. Thank you, Plamena

Nivyana Marinova

I contacted Plamena after a particularly frustrating period of self-doubt and indecision in my life. I felt an immediate rapport with Plamena, who allowed me to be listened to and talk at a pace that felt comfortable to me. She was very skilled, open, straightforward and easy going. 
Plamena was very empathetic, professional and flexible regarding how we approached critical patterns and pressure points that lay underneath everything I was concerned about. I felt much better when she identified some of the important themes that are causing me to feel trapped or unsure of my future decisions. As a result I feel much calmer and confident about what to do next. I highly recommend Plamena’s services, guidance and support.

Miglena Vladimirova

I highly recommend Plamena’s services. Her approach was very personal and she made the program suit my lifestyle. She was very supportive throughout and suggested alternatives when necessary. This made it easy to follow through and maintain the momentum.

Joanna Lingam

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