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 How to Eat

Basic Principles
• Sugars (sucrose – table sugar, fructose – from fruits, lactose – from milk) are delicious poison. Avoid them wherever you can. They are a treat – once or twice a week, always in the morning, if possible.
If sugar is added to anything, don’t eat it or drink it. Whole fruits are fine to eat – fruit juices are not.
• High fibre foods make you feel full and aid digestion and elimination.
• High protein foods make you feel satisfied – not hungry.
• Cruciferous vegetables are the most important thing you can eat:  broccoli, asparagus, spinach, kale, cavelo nero, brussel sprouts, etc. All of these have sulforaphane, which triggers your FOXO3 and NRF2 gene pathways, which up-regulate (switch on) many dozens of other genes, all of which do really good things in your body.
• Portion size:  meat or fish no bigger than your fist – fresh vegetables no more than 2 big fists.
• Your biggest meal is breakfast – a really late breakfast 16 to 18 hours after your dinner – ideally after some vigorous exercise in the morning.  After that exercise wait until late morning before eating breakfast, or call it lunch!
• If you are hungry at 9am, drink water or tea or black coffee.
• Breakfast should be heavy in protein and fats (eggs, meat, nuts, butter, cheese, yogurt); and if you can add cruciferous vegetables then even better
• Breads and cakes are almost like sugars, they create large insulin spikes.  When insulin is in your system, your body will not burn fat. PERIOD. The best time to activate fat burning is in the morning, when there is no insulin in your system. Once you have activated it, give yourself a few hours so your body uses fat for fuel.
• Skip it.
• TRY TRY TRY to eat dinner at 6pm but before 7pm.
• If you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, make it just one.  Alcohol is sugar (see basic principles)
• If you must drink, don’t eat dinner.
• Drinking in the evening KILLS an otherwise great day of healthy eating.  KILLS IT DEAD.
• Again, dinner is like breakfast. Use the “fist” portion principle, but make sure you get your cruciferous vegetables in.
Best Meats (in order)
• Fish (Red, then dark brown (oily) then white)
• Chicken / Turkey / or any bird
• Venison / Bison
• Pork
• Beef and Lamb
Best Vegetables
• All cruciferous
• Sweet potatoes
• Orange gourds and squashes
Best snacks
• Nuts:  walnut, almonds, brazil
• Dried fruits:  cranberries, cherries
• Water

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