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Recently I had a long conversation with one of our new columnist, about the existence of a divine essence in each one of us, it’s social impact and how embracing what makes you different, as a woman, is, in fact, the very fabric of self- identity, confidence and authenticity.

How do you link your self awareness with your ability to serve your community? How do you explore the profound essence of inherited wisdom and personal responsibility for mastering your talent?


Why the mysteries of life appeal to some people naturally and don’t for others? What draws women to the wisdom’s path and enables them to understand the greater meanings of life?

We reached out to Plamena Dincheva, founder of Fuego Active Academy, who works with women and children to awaken them to the divine within and embody their awakened presence in day to day life. Plamena is a fascinating woman in her late 30s who  decided to “start over”, to reinvent herself, to escape a materialistic rut, to follow a calling that has been growing inside her ever since her 20s. Poised and gracious, Plamena is a reserved nature, and her stunning beauty sometimes comes as a challenge for others to get to know her and understand her true calling. Her mastery empowers others to heal, uplift and transform the world.

What inspired you to open Fuego Active Academy?

I have a long family history of spiritual and paranormal understanding, and this first manifested in me in my early teenage years.  It has taken the last twenty years to fully understand and use these powers, and the good they can do for others. Like many others, I have followed too often cultural norms and expectations — until the last 5 years, when a dawning realization manifested itself that I have a gift to see into people’s lives and their likely future — should they want to grasp it with both hands.

I have predicted many future events, but that which I am most grateful for is my ability to see that a woman will get pregnant, even when she thinks she doesn’t want to or it is not possible.  I am especially connected to the divine spark, to the universal creation between a man and a woman.

What challenges are you solving?

My work is predominantly with other women and children.  I am the Earth as it touches the Heavens, in what has been referred to in poetry of the Enlightenment as the Eternal Feminine.  I help people find their spiritual self and to connect to the Creator.


I use several approaches, but the main one is called Theta Healing.  We, our brains and souls, emit and collect various cosmic energy waves, and Theta waves are amongst the most powerful.  It is in helping people to connect to these Theta waves energy, to harness it, to listen to it and to allow it to guide us that makes

What are the challenges to make the public aware of your work?

We live in a materialistic world that gives little credence to the spiritual.  It is my calling to change this, and to help people escape the false Gods of today.

Where do you turn for inspiration and why?

I turn to my own meditation, to the stories from my grandmother and great grandmother and the women of their heritage. These lead back into the mists of time to when we interacted with the Gods, and were imbued with a spiritual and cosmic element that was more manifest than it is today.  I also turn to my daughter who has the beginnings of the same magic that I felt, and to my man, who himself is connected by blood and history to the Thracian and Greek demi-God, Dionysus.  I turn to Nature, the grass, the flowers, the trees, the brooks and glistening rocks and crisp air, the deer of Richmond Park, and the woodland deities who still quietly roam the Earth, though many of us can no longer feel them.

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