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My experience with Angels has been occurring for 20 years

My experience with Angels has been occurring for 20 years, and recently with greater frequency.  I can give many examples but I seem to be the oracle for children coming into this world.  The past few years, I have passed on the message that friends (and people that I have hardly met but seem connected to) will have a baby.  Often they look at me, laugh, shake their head and say “that will definitely not happen” or “its physically impossible” and within weeks they have learned that they are pregnant. I have predicted 47 of them. I do not see the Angel, but he or she (it is sometimes hard to tell) speaks to me as I am speaking to or observing the woman who will have this baby.  And without really understanding why, I am compelled to blurt out “you will have a baby; she will come around this time next year”.  Catalina of Nottinghill, Alice of Hurstpierpoint, Dengui of Sonoma, California … to name but a few.


Other times an Angel has spoken to me and I have told the woman “you are pregnant now” only for her to say “What … ?!  There’s no way” and then to call me a week later to say “how did you know that?”  It isn’t always women and babies.  I met an old friend of my husband’s for the first time, and they had not seen each other for many many years, and the first thing I said to him is “you will quit your job because an even better job will come along that you have desperately longed for”.


“Angels they say don’t know whether it is the living they are moving among or the dead” (Rilke, The 1st Elegy of existence, Duino Elegies). My Angels only see life.

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