Plamena Dincheva

I was 7 years old when I started talking to Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel.

They would come to me as a vision at times, at others just voices.  I knew it was them from my Sunday School lessons and from my Grandmother, who also had powers of divination, and was well known in our small village for predicting events and performing small miracles. Everything that that they said became true, and I thought this was normal and happened to everyone.  From this young age, I would predict events that would happen to people.    I would just look at people and see into their souls, some were like reading a book without any ending.


I come from Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.  My name means ‘Fire’.  I graduated from a sports academy in Stara Zagora with my sport being acrobatics and gymnastics.  I had a wonderful coach in Mariana Makulova, who believed in me and helped me in so many ways.  All in all, I had 12 years of Sports training that also encompassed normal academic subjects like human physiology, anatomy, psychology, kinetics, physics, nutrition, and all the sciences and disciplines associated with being human high performance.


Although high strung, emotional and pretty confident, I had a happy childhood and many wonderful memories.  Of course, things weren’t always great. My parents had troubles that lasted for several years, and these were difficult to understand as a teenager.  Perhaps as a result I became bulemic and nearly passed into anorexia, but I had the guidance of a wonderful woman, Madeleine Algafari who helped move beyond these largely psychologically induced conditions and find peace with myself and my surroundings.  Despite these silly conditions I was motivated, disciplined and confident like most good athletes.


After High School, I went to a Sports Science University NSA “Vasil Levski” where I received a Bachelors Degree in teaching  physical education and coaching.  I obtained another degree from the Slavonic Institute in Psychology to round out my education, and was briefly recruited for intelligence gathering agencies of the government, where I was particularly adept at profiling people.  I eventually declined this path because too much of a personal nature and personal sacrifice was expected of people whom became agents. I also had a boyfriend, eventually my husband, who was an Olympic Wrestler and with him we had a daughter.  The life of an agent does not blend well with being a mother.


I had a traumatic event in January 2014 with what could have been a serious brain injury and I was in intensive care for nearly 2 weeks.  After that, quite impulsively and following my visions while in the critical care ward, I moved to London in Spring 2014, where I have had the help of good friends and family who have guided me to where I am today.


I have a business where I help people using a technique called Theta Healing.  Our brain emits various energy waves – each associated with a different level of consciousness or beyond consciousness, all of which are scientifically validated, and some of these are particularly switched on in calm and meditative states.  Theta waves are such waves.  A great deal of self-understanding and self-improvement can be gained from getting into a Theta state and then talking and reflecting on the things we do that prevent us from being who we are meant to be.  It is almost like hypnosis and meditation rolled into one.


For some reason, I have a particular gift in helping women to unlock the self-imposed shackles that hinder them from having a family. I cannot fully explain what I do, but I have sat with, talked to and predicted the coming of 49 children in this world, many times when their mothers had given up all hope that they would be mothers.  This is one small but important aspect of my abilities using Theta Healing.


I offer my skills predominantly by word of mouth, although I do have a Facebook page, and an Instagram account; and of course this group, the High Profile Club.  I think that happy clients are one’s best advertising.  I would welcome the chance to present to a larger audience by radio or television, but I believe that fate will guide this course if it is meant to be.


As it is becoming known in biology and human physiology, the power to heal (ourselves and others)  lieswithin each one of us, and it is being open to that power that makes all the difference in the world.

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