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Weight Loss Diets – What Is It?
  There are many popular diet regimens that are sold for quick weight loss and weight loss effects, but one should not abide by them without experiencing difficulty.  During each weight loss diet, you need to adapt to a low-calorie program, but when the diet is linked, it must stabilize and hold on to maintain, but not use, time and create stress  of the body.
  Almost all diets for weight loss should be made by a person who should be less and less and I promise that only in this way will the desire to “lose weight” be assured.  Probably after the victim has to be stored normally again, it can be fully utilized and be able to lose its compensation.  It has been proven if you follow a raw diet that creates a ‘wolf’ appetite, creates a nonexistent passion for fatty and sugary foods, and stays at unprecedented speed, starting to gain weight, which is a well-known yo-yo effect.
  Over time, many weight loss diets are created on the uniformity of the temple.  They are few products and are poor in carbohydrates or a variety of protein-based foods.  Clearly, this eating plan is hard to work with, which is also a fear of the vitamins, minerals and fiber in July.  People should follow this problem with error, given that these diets are the opposite.  Other diets also lose enough water.
it is easiest to lose weight with fatty foods.  They recommend the use of any fat and protein without the calorie restriction, but completely exclude carbohydrates from the diet and thus guarantee that you will lose weight.  And guess … this is because low carbohydrate foods cause the breakdown of glycogen reserves in the body, which causes the body to lose a lot of water.
 Therefore, weight loss with a greasy diet may be even more noticeable than with a low-fat diet, but this reduction represents 70% as a result of water loss and 30% of fat stores.
Example for the day
Breakfast: black coffee or tea
1apple  jumbo oatmeal with blueberry and yogurt
 •Snack 250 ml of fresh milk,
 •Lunch: 250 grams of light meat (chicken / fish) with garnish of vegetables (less than 300 g), sour milk with 3.6% fat.
 •snack : 200 g raw
vegetables or 50g walnuts
 •Dinner: 250 ml low fat yogurt, 50 grams of cheese or 1 hard boiled egg, spinach salad, avocado, smoked salmon and cherry tomatoes, olive oil and apple cider vinegar.
 Drinks: 3 liters of water, tea.
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