I am a mother, a wife, an athlete and a lover of nature and its mysteries and blessings. Although deeply spiritual and religious, I am not an active churchgoer.  Formally, I have University degrees in Sports Science and Coaching (including a certificate to teach children, soldiers and police) and in Clinical Psychology.

Informally, I am deeply connected with the transcendental power of angels, who quietly and mysteriously interpose themselves in our lives when we are open to them.  Formerly I am a Theta Healing practitioner, which includes movement and nutrition as well.

For 23 years I have read Tarot, and occasionally do that still.  However I much prefer the divination of Angels (like Tarot but without the Death , Unsuccessful, and Heartbroken cards).  Over the past several years I have seen into womens’ futures and have predicted 46 documented pregnancies in the timeframes I saw before anyone planned or even thought of them.  I also have the ability to predict the outcome of relationships and advise on behaviours within them. 

Much of this though depends on the connection I establish with the person who is seeking the intervention of Angels.